Which topics to discuss with the specialist?

Discuss the impact of headache
Assess the quality of life toward work, family life and social relations.

Examine the possibilities of treatment
As there are different routes of drug assumptions and numerous types of treatment it is necessary to identify those that may have greater chances of success.

Agree a therapeutic strategy
Agree on a treatment that works. The most common questions to ask when you agree on a treatment strategy are as follows:

  • how to take your medicine
  • how long to continue therapy
  • what are the possible side effects
  • when it will begin to operate the drug
  • what to do if the headache does not pass
  • inquire if the drug is “mutable”
  • what are the signs that indicate when the headache is not well controlled (eg. frequency of attacks, use of analgesics, etc.)

Schedule follow-up visits
Periodic checks are important to change / adapt dosage of drugs and treatment.