What to do after the visit?

Keep under control the headache is an important aspect in the individual management of the disease. To increase the chances of success of the treatment protocol agreed with the specialist, you have to carefully consider some simple factors, but important: take the medicine according to the doctor’s prescription. Taking a higher dose of medication does not necessarily mean a better outcome; indeed, it may ‘lead to an increase in the frequency of headaches.
Anticipate events. Patients with headaches should always have the medication on hand.

Fill out a diary of headaches
Monitoring helps the specialist to customize treatment needed and to have information on what is useful and what, instead, is harmful.

Monitor the lifestyle
Nutrition, exercise, rest and stress management are important elements to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Patients with headache should contact their specialist intervenes when any change, for example:

  • change the frequency, type and intensity of headache
  • intolerance to treatments
  • onset or recurrence of diseases such as anxiety, dyspepsia, depression, asthma
  • changes in pregnancy or from the use of hormones
  • other changes affecting the health status

For better compliance, unless they are needed more information about treatment and / or assessments prescribed it is possible to contact the doctor who carried out the survey (phone or email). If you require a detox from excessive use of drugs in a specialized environment provides all the explanations on the specific treatment and hospitalization.