How to fill in the headache diary

Drawing up a diary of headaches may help specialists significantly in rebuilding frequency, duration and intensity of headache, any symptoms associated with it and the consumption of analgesics. Headache diaries and calendars are important to recognize both the events that trigger attacks (food, menstrual cycle, travel, stress, etc) possible facilitating factors (climate, seasons, mood depression, mental and physical overload, etc.).
Also helps to evaluate through specific questionnaires: disability from headache and therapeutic response

Book an appointment specifically for headache

The history of headaches, family history and an evaluation of any co-existing diseases are an important moment in the evaluation of headache. An examination of the patient appropriately (“History and Biography”) occupies most of the time the specialist’s visit.

Make a note of the treatments (pharmacological and non) previously run

The assessment of intercurrent diseases and previously medications helps specialists in the choice of treatment options; Also the list of drugs that are not effective results is to aid in decision-making.