Telemedicine in headache

TELEMEDICINE  allows the distribution of health services and information through electronic information and telecommunication technologies. It allows contact, assistance, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring and management of remote hospitalizations through communication between doctors and patients.
The Coronavirus pandemic, which affected us, has become dominant over all the other diseases which, however, have not disappeared. The necessary measures to contain the spread of the infection, on the other hand, have often made the traditional visit to the doctor’s office not feasible. The Telemedicine service has been activated to allow patients with headaches to perform the appropriate checks, therapy corrections or to set the diagnostic-therapeutic path, which allows remote visits to be carried out and not to be passed in “second order” your”non-Covid “disease.
Below are the instructions for the visit to telemedicine, which make your journey easier.
For more information on telemedicine you can consult the page of the national guidelines of the Ministry of Health.


Who are suitable for remote neurological consultation services?

Remote neurological consultation can help patients break through geographical and language limitation and maximize global medical resource sharing. Patients can take advantage of the world’s most advanced diagnostic tools and experience of top doctors. In general, patients with the following conditions will be suitable for remote medical consultation to get a Second Medical Opinion:

  • Patients have been diagnosed with a serious headache, and hope to be confirmed by other experts
  • The diagnosis was not confirmed or the disease is incurable in their home countries
  • Patients are not satisfied with the previous treatments or the therapeutic effect is not ideal
  • The diagnosis and treatment plans are different from domestic hospitals
  • Acknowledge the latest or ideal treatment solutions from top neurologist

Book an appointment online for a video consultation:

Prof. Fabio Antonaci
Mail: medicinadellecefalee@gmail.com
Phone: 349.4949255

Dr. Barbara Vitrani
Mail: b.vitrani@gmail.com
Telephone: 360.991536

Video-connection procedure

After completing the booking and payment procedure, you will receive an email containing the link that will be used to connect via Skype /whatsapp video or FaceTime  on the scheduled day and time. You will also receive an email as a reminder. Check that the email has not ended up in the “spam” folder.

Documentation to be sent

MEDICAL DOCUMENTS (if performed) for example:

  • blood tests, ECG, blood pressure Holter
  • brain CT scan / MRI report
  • clinical report (in case of previous hospitalizations)
  • medical report (in case of previous visit)
  • other medical documents relevant to the telemedicine visit (eg headache diary)

When to send

In the days preceding the one chosen for the telemedicine visit connection, and in any case, at least the day before, the medical documentation in your possession must be sent.

How to send

The medical documentation must be sent in pdf format by email:

At the end of the visit

You will receive by email:

  • A report with indicated diagnosis, requesting any investigations and therapeutic indications in pdf format.
  • A file with your personal data to be used for subsequent follow-up